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Asymmetric Solutions, LLC is a talent acquisition consulting and candidate advocacy company.

Our purpose is to empower talent and optimize talent acquisition.

Our mission is to modernize hiring for the company and the individual professional. We educate, train, and optimize how companies find and attract talent, improve the candidate experience, and empower individual professionals throughout their career.

Principles of Service

Self Awareness
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Talent Acquisition Consulting for Companies

Optimizing talent acquisition strategy, efforts, and execution transforming your department into a Center of Excellence.

  • Talent acquisition audit
  • Talent acquisition strategy & transformation
  • Fractional talent acquisition leadership
  • Training – sourcing, recruiting, & retention tooling & tactics
  • Staffing expense management

Candidate Services

We coach confidence into candidates where it matters. Think of us as your career “agent,” your trusted advisory, and career coach, for life.

  • Resume coaching & consultation
  • Job search strategy & execution
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Career psychology & private coaching

The Proof

Asymmetric Solutions resume services are Digital Gold! Mike has served to be a trusted mentor over the years and when it mattered helped me restructure and refine my resume in a way that exceeds the standard of what corporations and recruiters are looking for. My resume now tells the story of my technology career, details my accomplishments, and showcases the technologies that I have used and are relevant to hiring teams in the positions that align perfectly with my interests.

Lead Software Architect

Asymmetric Solutions was instrumental in helping me think through projects and solutions that I have delivered through my career that were measurable to translate my successes. Even minor formatting tweaks that were recommended made it be more attractive and consumable. I finally have the resume that I always wanted!

Director of Cyber Security

Working with Asymmetric Solutions on my resume was a pleasure and the direct and “real” advice is of immense value. After just a few days after posting my resume, I was contacted by several companies, and I was hired within two weeks.

Executive Assistant

Being coached through overhauling my resume was above and beyond my expectations. As a sales professional quantification and simplicity are paramount. Interviews felt like conversations because what companies wanted to know about my record was already documented, we just discussed how I accomplished what interested them. My interview was engaging and both parties were able to explore the dynamic of the potential alignment without struggling to obtain pertinent information.

Regional Sales Manager

Writing a resume is hard but it’s critical to get it right and Asymmetric Solutions’ program doesn’t make it easier. You are forced to think about your work and pushed until you get it right. As a result, your self-awareness and self-worth lead to great interview performance. It’s not just the resume that has provided a great product, it’s the coaching that really made the difference. If you want an excellent resume then listen hard, think, work at it, and the results are worth it. In less than 4 weeks I was offered a position with a significant raise and promotion in title when prior my target industry was not responding to my resume in a comparable way.

Senior Solutions Cloud Architect













Client Impact

Transform the way you source and hire talent.

  • Improved dynamic & culture
  • Optimized brand image on the jobs market
  • Efficiency in recruiting capability, tools, and automation
  • Improved internal accountability
  • Higher fill ratios
  • Tighter search timelines
  • More offers accepted
  • Less attrition
  • Modernized sourcing efforts
  • Shortened recruiting cycle
  • Higher candidate engagement % per search
  • Unlocked access to talent
  • Improved the candidate experience
  • Decreased staffing spend
  • Improved vendor relationships

Candidate Impact

Become the best version of yourself.

  • Best in class resume
  • Increased interviews
  • Improved interview performance
  • Optimized job search and tactics
  • Job alignment
  • Refined motivation
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Confidence to act
  • Clarity in career path
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Corrected compensation

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